Serving CT and Western MA

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Please read the following carefully. If you have any questions, please email Bob Young at

A major feature of the CVYL website is to encourage all teams to post their game schedules in a central place.

Once you call your opponent and schedule a game, please use the website to --

  • post the game details (teams, date, time, field location),
  • confirm games ONCE at one central locale,
  • identify scheduling conflicts quickly and easily,
  • be a central repository for Directions to game fields,
  • be a central spot for gathering game scores for tournament seedings,
  • quickly notification of game cancellations,
  • link your hometown website with the CVYL website so that you only have to schedule once -- a great feature that saves time! (only for programs with a LeagueAthletic website)

Your program must choose a Website Scheduler to update your program's game schedules on the website.  Please choose ONE delegate and ONE back-up delegate from your program.  The delegate is responsible for:

  • FIELD DIRECTIONS: please add/update Field Directions for your town.  Directions should assume travel from the east, west, north and south since your opponents will be coming from all four directions;
  • TEAMS: please list all of your teams;
  • COACHES: please list the home, work, cell #s and email addresses for all coaches on your teams (A REQUIREMENT of the OFFICIALS);
  • HOME GAMES: please list all Home Games for each team;
  • NON LEAGUE GAMES: IF DESIRED, post all Non League related games as a "non league game" or "Scrimmage." Note that the website will not allow score reporting for scrimmages, so if you would like to track and report scores for non-league games, please post these games as "non league games from the drop down list. Please do not add new game or event types not previously listed.
  • AWAY GAMES: please check to ensure that your opponent has listed all of your Away Games and check the "Confirmed" box preceding each Away Game;
  • CANCELLATIONS: please cancel HOME Games in a timely fashion so that opponents can avoid making unneccessary trips to your town;
  • SCORE REPORTING: the HOME TEAM is responsible for reporting Home Game scores for each week for each team by Monday at Midnight.


  • Log onto the Website Admin tab using your first and last name.
  • Enter the site password
  • Click on Scheduling>New Games
  • Fill out all fields except the Other and Officals fields
  • Hit Submit

PASSWORD: Your town's Scheduler will be given a password that allows the delegate to update your town's information only. 

Please choose a responsible delegate who has ready access to the internet day and night..