Serving CT and Western MA

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The season runs much smoother if all Team Coaches are listed on the Website. It is the job of each town's Web Scheduler to make sure that all of its town's teams list their coaches names and contact information on the Website.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Two Options:

Option #1  Self-Service

Have the coaches in your program register and select their team.  See Register Online 


Option #2 Do it for them 

For Each Coach:

  1. Click on the Admin Tab at the Top and Log In
  2. Click on the Administrator>Members section
  3. Click on "Add New Member"
  4. Fill in the Form as completely as possible. Please enter a phone number and an email address for each coach, and PLEASE CHECK OFF THE SELECTION TO MAKE THIS INFORMATION PUBLIC. Otherwise, no one will be able to contact the coaches.
  5. Under Team Assignments at the bottom of the form, click on the Drop Down Menu and find your team, select the correct Team and Position for the Coach
  6. Check the Website under the Team Tab.
  7. Find your team to ensure the coach is listed.