1 Jun


Below are the links to the Boys Junior and Senior brackets for the 2024 playoffs.  Please schedule all first-round games on or before Thursday June 6th.  Home team for the first round is the higher seed.  Home team is responsible for entering the first-round game into the CVYL site.


8 Apr

Games Scores & Coach Privacy Settings

Game Scores: Remember to enter scores for your HOME GAMES within 24-hours.
1. Log into CVYL.org
2. Go to your game schedule
3. Click the Score button (won't appear until the game is complete)
4.Enter the score for both teams

Privacy Protection: The Crossbar development team has pushed out a new feature, allowing coaches and staff in a League to change their privacy settings on the team page. If you prefer to keep your phone & email hidden:
1. Log into CVYL.org
2. Go to the Team Page
3. Select Settings
4. Select your preferred privacy option

19 Mar


BOYS Coaches/Team Managers,

If your town is using a Crossbar site, please do not enter your BOYS games on the local website as they will be syncing teams from our CVYL site to your local site. If you enter games on your local site, they will be doubled once entered in CVYL website.

Everyone, ALL BOYS games should be entered as league games on the CVYL website. The only time they are not league games would be if you are playing a scrimmage or a team from CONNY or another not in the CVYL, please enter those as Other Game/Event. Do not enter practices or jamborees on the CVYL site. Please put those on your local site.

Again, you must enter all Home, league games for your team. If you need additional scheduling people added, let me know and I take care of it for you. Please reach out with any questions as we are all learning this together for the first time.


19 Jan

2024 Youth Lacrosse Tournaments

A number of CVYL member clubs host youth lacrosse tournaments throughout the spring season.  Click here to check out the list of 2024 tournaments.

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